Coco Peat Disc

Coco Peat  Disc
Product Description

Coco Peat discs are manufactured from good quality coconut husks suitable for nursery growers. Coco Peat discs are available diffrent sizes ranging from 20mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm to 120mm. Made from 100% natural coco fiber and latex. Ideal for Weed Control, Perfect protection against cold, ice and frost, Biodegradable,Eco-friendly

Technical Specifications:

Product : Coco Peat Discs

MaterialNatural Sieved Coco Pith

TypeNormal Disc / Jiffy Plugs (Discs covered by NonWoven cloth)

Moisture< 15 %

ECLow EC < 0.6mS/cm

PH5.8 6.8

Packing : 

Packed with carton

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