Indian Fresh Cut Chrysanthemum Flower

Indian Fresh Cut Chrysanthemum Flower
Product Description

We are leading Chrysanthemum cut flowers exporter in India. India is one of the larget producers of Chrysanthemums. In India over 33 Chrysanthemums varieties are cultivated.

We graded Chrysanthemums based on the stem length, flower appearance, number of flowers, stem straightness, color and freshness of flowers. Standard chrysanthemum are graded into Blue, Red,Green and Yellow, whereas spray types are graded into Gold, Silver and Bronze based on the quality parameters. 

Technical Specification:


Stem length: 88-100cm

Weight: 30g/ stem of 90 cm

Number of flowers: Only 1 flower with 5 buds

Diameter: 60-80mm


Stem length: 77-88cm

Weight: 30g/ stem of 85cm

Number of flowers: 10 flowers

Diameter: 35mm for half bloom and 45mm for full bloom


Stem length: 25-38cm

Weight: 30g/ stem of 30cm

Number of flowers: 10 - 12 flowers

Diameter: 30mm


Standard Chrysanthemums are placed in sleeves and packed in display boxes measuring 91 x 43 x 15cm. Placed in the boxes according to the grades.

For Bulk packing Chrysanthemums: 10,15 or 20 stems are placed in sleeves according to the grades. Six sleeves, three at each end, are generally packed in each box. measuring 80 x 50 x 23cm.  

Shelf Life:

Chrysanthemum can be stored for 3-6 weeks period at 0-3°C

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